1 Do you ship COD?
We do not ship COD. All orders must be prepaid by USA issued credit card or USA PayPal payments.

2 Do you ship outside the USA?
We do not export outside the USA nor do we accept payments from outside the USA. You must have a USA billing address.

3 How can I calculate shipping?
To calculate estimated shipping, place the items in the shopping cart. Next click the shopping cart at the top right corner and view shopping cart.
Click "Estimate Shipping and Taxes" and insert your shipping data. For exact shipping costs, you would need to log into your online account to enter the entire shipping address. If you have not created an online account, you would need to do so. Next proceed as if placing the order. If you do not wish to place the order after shipping has been calculated, simply remove the items from your shopping cart found under Cart Contents.

4 How can I track my order?
To track your order
You can log into your account to review your order status, and retrieve your UPS tracking information if your order has shipped.
Just provide the order number and your email to the designated fields.
UPS tracking information will be emailed when your order has shipped as well.

5 How do I place an order?
You must first create an online account to place orders with our company. All orders must be placed through our secured website. We do not accept phone, email, fax, or orders placed by postal mail.


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