Bent Butt Fishing Rod 2 Piece Trolling Rod Saltwater Offshore Rod

Sale price$99.99 USD


Brand Fiblink
Grip Type Bent Butt
Material Glass
Fishing Technique Trolling

About this item

  • Solid Construction---Bent butt fishing rod solid fiberglass construction provides unmatched strength and durability.Perfect for marlin,yellowfin tuna and record wahoo,or as a boat rod,conventional rod,trolling rod,big name rod,offshore rod,or saltwater fishing rod.
  • SeaGuide LR Guide---The sea guide boat rod guides contain corrosion-resistant properties on the frames and rings.High-quality stainless-steel guide mixed with ceramic inserts that deliver long,smooth casts and durable performance with monofilament or braided fishing lines.
  • All-Aluminum Reel Seat --Aluminum alloy wheel seat with tapered hood transitions above and below reel seat protecting cap.Heavy Reverse Knurling Nut to Make the Bonding Stronger.There is a groove at the connection of the rod,which helps to align the guide and prevent rotation.
  • Aluminum bent butt handle---The bottom of the handle does include a cross cut butt for easy mounting;In addition,it is equipped with an EVA foregrip that provides comfortable handling for a long day on the water.

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